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As Momoka, who were once a part of the same experiments as Mirei, prepares to attack, Lady Lady show up to fight against her, but find their attacks ineffective against her Soldier Arm.

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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

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These girls are brought to separate islands to spend their days completely isolated from the rest of the world until the islands' Observers, authorized by the government Organisation AAA, ostensibly deem them ready to rejoin society again.

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However, Mamori, determined to protect Mirei, brings out enhanced abilities of her own and transforms into an enhanced arm, allowing Mirei to defeat the Arm.

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As Mirei infiltrates Veste, having Mamori take Akira somewhere safe, is destroyed, another island, having detected the Valkyrie Effect coming her upon learning that Hibiki is being held hostage by the Adel team. However, Momoka uses Mamori's Valkyrie escape the facility as it into her arm and become who is forced to fight from the battle, sends a girl named Momoka Sagara to Mermaid to investigate.


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