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They have had a fun date, and now they go home for a bit of peace, quiet, and some privacy, alone together.

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Evan Parker and Kyle Ross

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The camera zooms in as Kyle stretches his mouth wide open and takes that monster all the way down his throat, and begins sucking on it greedily.

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As he primes that ass up for his big slab of meat, he finger fucks Kyle, who starts squirming about on the bed with sexual desire.

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At home, they know the next ride they are going to have, and start kissing the action gets very horny. Corbin gives Kyle a sexy spanking that gives Kyle a massive hard-on, and pretty soon, on the bed.


  1. wtf they didnt even fuck, he was just grinding and wasn't even hard?

  2. hahaha! You beat me to this one. Cool stuff, great scene.