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Her hands ran up her body as it began to sway, moans following as her skin began to burn up in white-hot lust, sensitivity making her every brush of fingertips along her bared midriff excite her.

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Winona was not even remotely prepared for this, and was in short order gagging and choking on an incredibly girthy length plunging down her throat at a merciless pace, his strong hips driving it deep and fast into her wet mouth.

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Slowly, moans began to spill past his lips as she sloppily gorged herself on his cock, and his hips began to rock forward, urged onward by Archie and Brendan who spoke encouragingly to the asthmatic boy as they fucked her much more vigorously in their own ways.

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She bobbed her head, going all out and furious with and steady pushes that bottomed he was going to remember for a long time. Especially when they started thrusting, moving in tandem with slow giving her friend a blowjob out inside of her gaping rear.


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